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Adelaide’s experts in commercial refrigeration

Here at BEN Refrigeration in Adelaide, we specialise in all aspects of commercial refrigeration including supply, installations, repairs, and servicing. Our mobile team provide a prompt and reliable service across a wide area at highly cost-effective rates that won’t put too much of a dent in your budget.

Local expertise & experience in commercial refrigeration services

From our depot in South Australia, our local family owned and operated commercial refrigeration company can quickly dispatch one of our skilled cooling technicians to get your equipment up and running again. With a wealth of experience in a diverse range of commercial refrigeration equipment, you can rely on us to quickly diagnose and resolve all of your cool room and other temperature-controlled storage equipment issues.

We also offer a diverse range of commercial refrigeration services

From complete cool rooms and temperature-controlled storage areas to display cabinets, freezers, and ice-making machines, we are the experts in them all. Our friendly team of technicians have access to a wide range of commercial refrigeration spares and can source virtually any part that you are likely to need through our extensive network of suppliers.

What We Do

Refrigeration is a key consideration for large food chains and departmental stores. Customers who shop for groceries and other food items demand fresh and nutritious supplies, and the functioning and capacity of the store’s refrigeration system thus becomes very important. That’s why Ben Refrigeration & Airconditioning provides premium commercial refrigeration in Adelaide and its environs. Our trained staff ensure you get the best value when you employ our installation and repair services. We guarantee that you won’t regret turning to us in your hour of need.

Over the years, Ben Refrigeration has become a pioneer in the field of commercial refrigeration in Adelaide as well as beyond. We are the go-to experts when it comes to installation, servicing and repair of all kinds of refrigeration devices for food and departmental stores. We are known for doing our jobs to perfection, which means our repair work lasts a long time. What’s more, no matter where you’re based, we are able to offer our outstanding Adelaide refrigeration services right at your doorstep. We service areas in and around Adelaide, so you can contact us whenever a critical situation arises and our reps will respond instantly. Our staff are fully trained and can help you with any and every aspect of refrigeration servicing and repair.

About our company

With our expert refrigeration services, we can guarantee that your refrigeration system is in the best possible hands. We are at your beck and call throughout the working week, helping you find quality solutions for your problems. Apart from providing superior Atlanta refrigeration in Adelaide, we offer master tips to ensure your refrigerators work smoothly for the entirety of their lifespans.

Spare parts

As your trusted servicing company, you can be rest assured Ben Refrigeration will provide you with the best possible Atlantic refrigeration in Adelaide. Additionally, being an Adelaide-based company, we can easily reach your store and get the job done within the required timeframe. All essential parts and tools are kept at hand to ensure our team is ready to help clients in times of crisis. We stock extra parts for all kinds of refrigerator models, ensuring quick response rates for every project we undertake.

We service a vast range of clients including clubs, cafés, restaurants, catering companies and supermarket chains. With such a diverse clientele, we make an extra effort to ensure the quality and value of our refrigeration services. We always make sure to stock only top quality parts and devices so that your refrigeration system never suffers a setback again!



In order to keep the bills low and the food fresh, we at Ben Refrigeration offer commercial refrigeration repairs in Adelaide for various food outlets. Our professional and friendly staff will be at your disposal from 6:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays so that you can avoid undue stress and worry. Now, getting refrigeration repairs in Adelaide and nearby has become a breeze, thanks to our premier services. We have made the entire process so easy that all you need to do is to contact us and let us handle the repair work on your behalf.

When you hire us, you save big bucks in repair and installation costs because we provide long-lasting and high quality solutions every time. When it comes to refrigeration repairs in Adelaide, we guarantee that we are the best in the business. This isn’t idle praise; it is a strong fact backed by the glowing feedback from several satisfied clients whom we have serviced.

Repair services

Have you been looking for a quality service provider to help you with refrigeration repairs and installations? Well you’ve come to the right place, for Ben Refrigeration is exactly what you need. As a premier Adelaide-based repair and servicing company, we understand how important it is for refrigeration systems and apparatuses to work at their full capacity. Since we started our operations, we have been helping small family outlets and large food chains alike with our quality services, ensuring that their refrigeration systems are up to speed for ages to come. Instead of hiring a local handyman to make small repairs every now and then, why not let us offer you a long-term fix that will ensure you handsome savings?

We have a team of experienced professionals at our disposal. Each team member has long been working in the food sector and has acquired insider knowledge about refrigeration systems. We can thus guarantee you a seamless solution for a broken icebox, a faulty AC system, or even a malfunctioning ice-making machine. We promise you quality, and we do our utmost to deliver on that promise.

Another big plus we offer is time commitment. Punctuality is a very important factor for all our clients, thus it’s something we take very seriously. Our team makes sure your refrigeration system is up and running right on time so that your customers/shoppers/diners don’t suffer any delays or complications. Our specialists have worked in the repair business long enough to understand just what you need and when you need it.

We are known across the industry not just for our quality work, but also for our vast network of contacts and our excellent customer service. We ensure each of our clients receives the same courteous treatment and quick response rates whenever they hire Ben Refrigeration.

Whether you need extra shelving installed, or whether you simply want some tips regarding the upkeep of your refrigeration system, we are your one-stop shop. Our experts will ensure your needs are catered for in the quickest and most efficient way possible. To help build your trust, we disclose everything you wish to know about our company and our services. Since we are a reputable and respectable company, our operations are fully transparent and we do not hide anything.

Our vision is to provide our esteemed clients with the best possible services at the most affordable rates. We ensure our refrigeration services come at reasonable charges that you can easily afford, no matter what your individual budget is. Over the years, we have become renowned for our work ethic and our commitment to help our clients to the best of our abilities. Whatever your problem area is, we encourage you to call us so that our reps can consider the issue in detail and propose a feasible solution.

No matter what type of refrigeration system you have, our experts can handle its repair and maintenance with zero hassle for all parties involved. Now, you can say goodbye to faulty appliances and look forward to smooth and seamless operations!

Diverse refrigerators

For large food chains, superstores and hyperstores, diversity is essential for success. Here, by diversity, we mean the variety of food products that consumers need for their everyday nutritional needs. Diversity in refrigeration systems is thus very important, as different kinds of food items must be stored at different temperatures and in different atmospheres to retain their freshness and taste. That’s where Ben Refrigeration comes in!

We fully understand the challenges involved with refrigeration in hypermarkets and grocery stores, and our team is equipped with all the expertise and tools to tackle each of those challenges. We know how important it is to supply customers with fresh and nourishing food for their daily needs, and we plan our refrigeration services around that basic fact. At the end of the day, it comes down to your core requirements—controlling working costs, minimizing wastage and, of course, offering a diverse range of food items.

In light of this, we offer long-lasting solutions to help general stores and hypermarkets provide fresh and healthy food items to their customers. We have made it a personal goal to ensure Adelaide’s residents get access to high quality food supplies by making sure our refrigeration services live up to industry standards. The instant you call us with a problem, we’ll assign an expert refrigeration mechanic in Adelaide to fix the issue.

We offer a wide range of refrigeration installation and repair services, meeting your diverse needs and requirements right on time so that your customers won’t need to suffer. Everything is taken care of in the right way and at the right time. We have the ability to repair refrigerators of all kinds and capacities—those with different sections and compartments; those that consume less space but house more products; and even those that take up immense space and house a large amount of food items. Whether you have a retro or modern refrigeration system, we are equipped to ensure it is back to its prime working capacity in no time.

Why hire our refrigeration services?

We offer such comprehensive solutions that there is literally no one better to call for help when your refrigeration system needs repair or upgrades. It’s easy to assess our competence yourself; all our clients have reported improved refrigeration, fresh and durable food items, better efficiency, increased sales, and a booming business!

We service a large number of clients based in the Australian food market.  Over the years, we have amassed a loyal and ever-growing clientele based on our expert services and our attention to detail. All you need to do is to give us a ring during our working hours. We will then dispatch a refrigeration mechanic in Adelaide to your workplace to repair your refrigeration system pronto.

Items for small stores

In Adelaide, customers insist on fresh and high quality food. We at Ben Refrigeration have made it our aim to fulfil their demands to the letter. To that end, we make sure to handle every individual project with the maximum care, focus and attention so as to ensure a lasting solution.

We are determined to help our clients succeed at their business, regardless of the size or scale of their business. Understanding the novel difficulties of small cafés and corner stores, we offer a particular brand of thin cupboards for cooling and chilling purposes. These cupboards have proved monumental in proving delicious and fresh food to shoppers and diners.

Whether you need help with repairing your ice-making machine, installing display cabinets at your store, or servicing your freezer, we can handle all tasks with ease and efficiency. We can also install and repair high quality, commercial air-conditioning systems that will last for ages and guarantee you big savings. Our professional team can even install and service complete freezer and cool rooms, thereby ensuring that you can get all your refrigeration needs fulfilled under one roof. In fact, no matter what type of refrigeration crisis you are facing, we are the #1 source to get it fixed once and for all!

Ultimately, by upgrading your store’s refrigeration system, we enable you to streamline your marketing campaign. We help you smoothen your operations with our smart refrigeration solutions, thereby ensuring that you make higher sales and profits than ever before. Basically, we give all the solutions you need to install quality refrigeration at your store, so that you can expand your food range even further. If you think about it, you won’t get better services anywhere else!

We fulfil your diverse needs

Being specialists in refrigeration repair and servicing, we have played a key role in helping establish many of Adelaide’s leading food stores and supermarket chains. We provide our services across a diverse area, centred in Adelaide, but also offering a helping hand to stores located in remoter reaches and distant neighbourhoods. Our clients thus include companies of all sizes, from small retail stores to massive hyperstores to extensive chain stores. We guarantee the best possible refrigeration services to all our clients, every single time.


As Ben Refrigeration has a long history of high quality servicing, our team extends a prior guarantee that we won’t ever let you down. Whether you need a full-fledged fridge installation or whether you require our assistance with a minor hiccup, our professional staff are ready and willing to assist you. Our reps are always happy to listen to and resolve any complaints, because we believe there is always some room for improvement in this industry and we strive to become the very best in our field. So whenever we do a job on your behalf, we always appreciate feedback. We look forward to hearing from you soon!